Exterior Services

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Bumper Repair – Let MARS help take the ugly out of your bumper by smoothing out even those small dents, cracks or scratches. MARS can inspect the damage and help provide options for either salvaging your existing bumper or ordering a new one for your specific vehicle. Repairs and painting are usually completed in one day.

Paint Touch-Up – Paint chips can quickly distress the look of a vehicle. With the paint protective layer damaged or missing, a paint chip can easily start rusting or flaking if left untreated. MARS can strategically mix paint to the factory specifications and fill and blend most body paint chips for an improved surface.

Scratch Repair – Paint scratches are one of the most common damages to the exterior of your vehicle. MARS has embraced the latest technology and highest quality products to provide several options to erase the scratches and restore the surface to the factory finish.

Headlight Restoration – Cloudy and discolored headlights are caused by oxidation and UV sun damage to the plastic surface. It affects nearly every vehicle, foreign or domestic, and prevents you from seeing clearly at night. MARS can restore most headlights to their original condition without having to purchase costly replacements.

Wheel Repair – MARS can fix most scrapes and scratches to most factory or custom alloy wheels. Most repairs can be made while the wheel is on the vehicle and repainted to match the original color.

Dent Repair – Many MARS Nation operators perform paintless dent removal to eliminate those door dings and other surface dents.

Cladding Restoration – Sun and time have a way of turning that rich black cladding trim on your vehicle to a milky gray. MARS Nation can restore that original color in a variety of ways. The bonded coating won’t wash off with the next rain that hits it like most store-bought remedies.

Spot Painting – Whether you have damage to your mirrors, molding, or plastic surface that requires more attention, MARS operators can repair and repaint the damaged area, salvaging those existing parts.


Interior Services

Mars Nation Interior


Seat And Upholstery Repair – If your vehicle’s interior is worn or damaged, MARS Nation Operators can restore it. Whether it is leather, vinyl, fabric or hard plastic trim, there are several options available. If a portion of a seat is damaged beyond repair, MARS works with trusted product vendors to provide options to replace them with custom fit replacements. MARS Operators aren’t limited to just autos and trucks, repairs can be made on medical furniture, RV’s, airplanes, buses and even some home furniture.

Button And Control Replacement – The buttons and controls on your dash and steering wheel can wear and fade over a period of time and with continued use, especially for more frequently used buttons. MARS Nation works with trusted parts vendors to provide a factory match for the buttons and controls to your vehicle’s specific make and model.

Plastic Molding And Overlays – Prolonged exposure to heat and UV light can cause your vehicle’s interior to crack and fade in color. MARS Nation can repair, retexture and dye the part back to match the original manufacturer color. If the part is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired, most parts can be replaced, including the dash, by use of a replacement overlay.

Carpet Repair/Red Stain Removal – Whether your carpets have burn holes, wear marks, or discolorations, MARS Nation Operators can repair the damage and install heel pads on high-wear areas, especially near the floor pedals. Heavily stained or faded carpets can be re-dyed. Red stains can’t be removed under normal cleaning activities. MARS Nation Red Stain removal process eliminates the stain without damaging the fabric.


Additional Services

Mars Nation Additional


In addition to the cosmetic repairs that can be performed by MARS Nation Operators, there are a number of services that are offered and may vary from location to location.

Seat Covers – Your truck or auto can be fitted with leather seats, custom leather or cloth seat covers, as well as the addition of heated seats.

Electronics – Whether you are looking to add a DVD Player, Remote Start, or Back-Up Camera to your vehicle. Many MARS Nation Operators can provide the qualified expertise to enhance your driving experience.

Bedliners – Whether you prefer a Plastic Drop-In Bedliner or a Spray-In Bedliner for your truck, both are available through MARS services.

Accessories – There are a number of add-ons that can be installed to give your vehicle that special, personal appearance. Many MARS Nation Operators can install Fender Flares, Nerf Bars, Spoilers, Tonneau Covers, Grill Guards, Body Side Moldings, and many more.

Windshield Repair – When that rock strikes your windshield and leaves the resulting chip, MARS Nation Operators work with the insurance companies and can make the repair, usually at no cost to you.

Clear Film Paint Protection – Protect the front end of your vehicle from rock chips and environmental damage. Many MARS Nation Operators can apply clear film protection to your vehicle’s bumper, hood, mirrors, and more front-end areas.