‘Mars Nation’ is a collection of independent, professional, automotive reconditioning, and restyling specialists from across the United States. Each business is independently owned and operated by individuals who are professionally trained and supported by Mars Nation Inc., which is based in Billings Montana. Mars Nation Inc. is committed to providing its members with the absolute best the industry has to offer. Being part of a national organization assures our members the strength and knowledge of a group committed to excellence within the aftermarket industry.

The automotive industry changes at a pace unlike any other industry and MARS Nation members have a competitive edge over the competition. We have excellent relationships with industry leading vendors and suppliers and we value our place in the market. Each year we invest our time in attending various trade shows and events like the SEMA show in Las Vegas. SEMA is a global association of aftermarket companies and is recognized as THE source for the latest in industry trends and standards. Our attendance at this and many other shows throughout the year ensure our members can provide customers with the very best.

Mars Nation Inc. is owned and operated by four men who have dedicated their careers to the automotive industry and have nearly forty years of combined industry knowledge and expertise. They started as franchisees of a former national franchise. When the opportunity presented itself to take the reins and keep the core operators together, they knew that there was strength in numbers and wanted to continue the family atmosphere on which the foundation of MARS was originally created.

Our Leadership Team

  • DEVON DAVIDSON – President – Devon is located in Billings Montana and has been a MARS Owner/Operator for 16 years.
  • KEVIN CAVANAUGH – Vice President – Kevin is located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and has been a MARS Owner/Operator for 11 years.
  • BILL GARBRANDT Jr.– Chief Communications Officer – Bill is located in Nashport Ohio and has been a MARS Owner/Operator for 11 years.
  • ALAN FARMER – Product Research and Development – Alan is located in Roseboro North Carolina and has been a MARS Owner/Operator for 10 years.